Make the right step in making your makeup

So that the makeup of the skin to show a transparent sense of moisturizing, makeup should be prepared before. Before makeup, you can use toner, moisturizer, to the skin before the increase in moisture, more let the end of the makeup close to the skin, enhance their own skin light perception. First with a moisturizing toner smooth skin texture gently clean the skin again, after cleaning with your fingers to press the face, can touch the degree of water is the best. Taking advantage of the face of the toner is not dry coated with lotion, to the skin supplemented by adequate massage to promote facial blood circulation, so that the skin looks good color. Step two: primer

Now the wisdom of looking finish is to use the color to conceal, not with the thickness of concealer to conceal. Therefore, it is very important to choose the air cushion BB color that is suitable for your skin condition. Green for reddening, acne muscle; light purple for yellowing, dull skin; We can use the color of the air cushion BB cream to adjust the skin color, and then add the use of concealer effect of natural color BB cream, eye and dull area, the focus of modification, so you can easily create a thin natural nude makeup friends The Use the secret: the makeup as long as pat pat When using air cushion products, do not take the air cushion puff in the face smear, so your makeup will be like a kitten. It is recommended to use the makeup before the product to make a primer, and then from the most flat face along the skin texture to beat, the order is the cheek - forehead - eye - nose - chin. Finally, in the face of the darker parts of the skin again pat, so cover the effect and durability will be much better. The use of flawless liquid foundation

1, never put the foundation in the hands to try This is definitely a mistake for women all over the world. The foundation is painted on your cheek rather than your arm, the two parts of the skin thickness and subcutaneous fat are different, the foundation showing the texture is completely different, so we can not go wrong. Tips: the foundation of the wrong way to use is absolutely not the line, the foundation coated on your chin and cheek outside the side. The two parts are clear and dark. You can see which is closest to your skin color, which color is right. It is recommended that you choose the liquid foundation must be unified with the skin color. So the whole face painted, the skin will appear white once. If you choose the beginning of a shallow, the whole face painted will look unnatural. Method

2, there is no foundation for you to use it all year round You have at least two different colors of the foundation to follow your skin changes and reconcile, to deal with your changing skin color at any time. Tips: usually daytime makeup with two shades of different foundation will be enough. You can according to different proportions out of the year are suitable for their own color foundation, enjoy DIY is a very meaningful thing. Method

3, light-colored concealer will make your shortcomings more obvious Many women like to use light-colored concealer to cover the dark circles, in fact, most will make you disappointed, not because the product is not good enough, but we must learn to use your skin and consistent tone. Tips: Remember to choose and your skin complex concealer products, makeup will be more natural. Method

4, pink makeup phobia, only occasionally used Many girls afraid of the foundation to block the pores, but remember that the foundation of the major brands are now almost all have the function of skin care products, do not have to worry about skin damage, but outside the pollution and the environment on your skin damage completely beyond your imagination. Tips: If you do not paint the foundation so that the skin naturally exposed to the air, just as you will not wear a coat on the street. Foundation is the skin of the coat, it can isolate dust and dirty air on the direct erosion of the skin. Please give the foundation a chance to stand up, it brings you the beauty beyond your imagination. Method

5, never powder? Wrong! A woman holding a delicate and beautiful powder makeup look in my opinion very sexy. That inadvertently eyes and state are showing the joy of being a woman. Whether you are professional, your skin will instantly become smooth and delicate, like rebirth. Tips: Have two powder. A half-matte is used to coat the face, and then choose a powder with a fine pearl luster used to apply in the nose, brow, cheekbones and forehead, so your face becomes magical and smaller Change stereoscopic fine